Friday, June 02, 2006

sorry it's been a little while since I blogged.
Well Cornwall was a success - the grandparents had a great time which is good. the journey back was long but we survived! It seems so long ago now - time seems to be flying. Work has been busy which has been a real answer to prayer. Decided after a week off that I was jumping the gun a bit and should stick out my current job till I know what's happening with the police.
Had a weekend with Thom in Northern Ireland which was really nice - though we spent most of the weekend sleeping as we were all suffering with cold. Thom seemed to get on well with the 'in laws' and didn't tell too many bad jokes. Thom front is still frustrating - it seems to get more so as he gets closer to God as I can see he's 'nearly there' I know I can't do anything to force it through though so must trust in the Big Man, which isn't easy to do when the heart's involved. It's a beautifully sunny day - had a nice pub lunch today - it's a hard life. Going to bunk off in a bit to go to Beeston for a music rehearsal as I'm singing at a wedding tomorrow - it isn't for anyone I know just a couple from Cornerstone who needed some musicians. Right well I suppose I'd better go and find something to do for the last few minutes


Friday, May 12, 2006

Well It's been a fair while since I blogged. I suppose I got a bit bored with it, but hey the Sun is shining and I have no work to do (as usual) so I might as well.
It's funny but it feels like life has hardly moved on since my last blog. I'm still no closer getting into the police - could be next year before I start and I'm still struggling with the Thom issues, oh yeah and work is still dull. Actually I'm looking for another job. Feels a bit like admitting failure but I just need to be more stimulated. I'm currently applying for a control room operator job for Derbyshire police - I'll keep you posted on that one. The Thom situation has been a struggle, I've been trying hard to do the right thing but haven't been able to tear myself from him - I guess it's hard to do when you're in love. He's progressing on the Christianity front though, we now do a Bible study together each night over the phone - in fact we did two last night because he is so enthusiastic about it, makes me ashamed really that I've lost a lot of that enthusiasm in my faith. Going through the Bible with him has definitely taught me lots. In many ways he has made a commitment to Christ but he's just looking for that final 'connection' I suppose. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, he's started his training for the MET - he's now on week three. The long distance this is bearable at the moment as he's coming back at weekends but not sure how things will pan out in the future - there's a chance I'll end up transferring down their any way though as they say they might be able to accept my application as the Notts one isn't going anywhere. Next week I'm taking the grandparents down to Cornwall, Abigail and Rob, Dad and Pauline are coming too - hopefully we'll all have a good time, though I must admit I'm not looking forward to all that driving.
Me and Thom are going to belfast last weekend in May, it's the first time he'll have met dad and Pauline, we're both looking forward to it.
Apart from that can't think of much to update you on - oh yeah I'm now a green belt in Kickboxing and an Acting Special Sergeant.
Right I've waffled on for long enough, I'll write again after the Cornwall trip.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

sorry I've been a bit of a hopeless blogger in the last few months - not sure why, just laziness I suppose.
I'm full of cold yet again so feeling rather shattered and unmotivated today - I think I'm going to go home to bed at lunch time.
Well I had a tough weekend, I've been stressing about the Thom situation for the past few weeks so decided that I had to break it off. It was a really hard decision to make but I have peace that I've done the right thing. I always had a policy of not going out with non-Christians so by breaking that I wasn't being true to myself and my faith. I think Thom's found it hard, afterall how can I expect him to understand but fortunatley we're still communicating well and he's still earnestly looking into Christianity. Sometimes the questions he asks and the things he says about Christianity sound like something a mature Christian would say let alone a non-believer. I've found some of it rather challenging actually in regards to how he talks about prayer and spending time with God etc. I have real hope that in his own time he will come to true faith - a day when i will join heaven in celebrating! I know that him becoming a Christian won't mean an instant fix on our relationship but I do have hope that all will work out for the best.
I've had a bit more of an update on the police situation. They've run out of money again so I won't be having my fitness test till the next financial year (which will be from April) so because of that delay I probably won't be starting my training till the Autumn. I feel ok about it, I do trust completely in God's timing - I'll just have to try and work my hardest in the mean time despite the frustrations.
Right well I'm going to go as I feel really rough.
Take care yall


Thursday, January 05, 2006

sorry I've not blogged in a while, things have been a bit of a whirlwind.
Despite all my doubts and fears I found out before Christmas that not only did I pass my centrex Police assessment but I got the highest marks! Obviously i was dead chuffed and it really compensated for the fact that I managed to crash my car the day before (lapse of concentration=me not giving way at mini roundabout=old guy crashing into the side of me). The car is still in the garage but fortunately I've got a courtesy car so it hasn't caused too much disruption. I still have no idea when I'll actually start my training as a copper. I've got to wait for my fitness test and have all my medical and security forms processed. I reckon it'll be about 6 months. It makes things rather awkard though as i can't plan any holidays or anything.
I had a lovely Christmas in Northern Ireland with the family. Dad and Pauline's new house is amazing - it definitely has the wow factor. Aunty Mim, Grandmother and Grandfather were over too and I saw Pauline's extended family on boxing day which was nice. Unfortunately for the family they were subjected to me being a bit of a soppy mess as I managed to fall in love over Christmas, Tom is a special constable, we did a few shifts together in the two months before christmas and kinda fell head over heals. There is just one major snag for the both of us - he is'nt a Christian. So having a policy not to go out with non-Christians is rather awkward. he's seriously looking into Christianity though and seems to be making exciting progress, he's reading loads of books and is going to attend an Alpha style course in February. We've decided that we'll give it till April and if it isn't right and/or if he can't make the commitment to Christ etc we'll have to walk away. Before you think I'm a monster he came up with April not me and we've been very open and honest in our discussions about it all. We're both praying that it'll work out obviously as we're rather besotted with each other. I'll keep you posted.
Right I'd better go and find something to do!


Thursday, December 08, 2005

sorry I've not blogged for a while - not felt very inspired.
well Tuesday was D-Day - my Centrex police assessement. It was really horrible and I have absolutely no way of knowing how well/badly I've done. I'll probably get the results in the New year. The assessement lasted 5 hours. We started with two written exercises which were writing two proposal documents as if you were a customer servcies rep - i didn't finish the first one and the second one wasn't very good. We then had maths test. Then we had four roles plays which were horrendous - I think I did really badly in the first two. Then we had an interview which lasted for 20 mins (4 questions 5 mins each) the questions were horrible and couldn't even use examples from my application form. All in all I didn't feel that i was able to show all my skills - whether it was enough to pass I don't know. Everyone who came out of there felt the same...not a nice experience at all. I'm just going to have to try and forget about it until I get the results.
This week has been manic and I'm exhausted. Out every night again, tomorrow is our Specials Christmas social, sat is cool kids carols (at church) sun afternoon rehearsing for mulitmedia carols, then the servcie then about 30 people are coming round to mine - I have no idea when I'll be able to get my house sorted, decorations up and food shopping done. I'm so glad I've got monday off as I'll need it to collapse in a heap.
On Sunday I'm doing my first ever solo at cornerstone and I know I've got a cold developing so really praying hard that my voice lasts.
I have absolutely no work to do this morning which is so frustrating!!!


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Well I'm having an incredibly boring day not helped by the fact that despite two early nights I'm still absolutely exhausted after the weekend in London. I had a fantastic time in London, I met Andy's new girlfriend June who is stunning and just so lovely! we ate at her Thai restaurant which was amazing food. On Sunday we watched the rugby in the pub, had Sushi in the evening and then went out. It was a friend of Mike's birthday do so we went to a bar/club/boat on the thames which was cool. unfortunatley I didn't get to bed till about 2.30 and had to be up at 7.30 I kept waking every half hour as I was paranoid about not waking up in time. I managed to get to horse guards parade at 8.45 unfortunately it was only after 2hours and crying in front of a stunning Met officer that I figured out I was in the wrong place and couldn't get where I needed to be. I found grandma just in time for the one minute's silence. The parade was very moving and I'll definitely go again next year. Prince Charles smiled at me as he walked past - I'm not a Royalist really but I do have respect for how he handled him self and showed honour to all in the parade.
Apart from that not much going on - me and Nicola have to start the process of fighting for the sgts post this week - it's far from ideal and our superiors aren't too happy we're both going for the same place but I still feel like I've made the right decision.
Tonight I'm going to Debenhams to attempt some Christmas shopping - I'm not exactly looking forward to it!


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Well I had a rather good weekend actually. Had a quality shift on Friday night - loads of red jobs and even a miny scrap which was fun - also got asked out by the bloke we were scrapping with (once he'd calmed down) he said he'd leave his wife and girlfriend for me - I'm suprised I turned him down really. On Saturday I had a really relaxing day - didn't get out of my PJ's till 2! did a bit of cleaning and xboxing then did firework patrol in the evening. Very nearly had a brilliant scrap with about 30 youths but boringly they decided to disperse!
On Sunday morning I looked after a bunch of miserably babies at church then had a very greedy lunch with Pete, slept in the afternoon (which is becoming a bit of a Sunday habit) then sang in the evening and then went to Pete's for dinner.
last night I went Kickboxing which I really enjoyed - I'm definitely improving, managed to kick somone in the head and then I managed to do a spinning hook kick!
Apart from that I'm still waiting for my assessment data and pack I know some people got theirs last Friday so I'm beginning to get a little bit stressed as it's less than a month to go now!

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